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How Do Pumps Work?

A pump is a device used for moving and transporting fluids. Fluids typically flow from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure, but pumps allow us to control the direction of a fluid within a system. Pumps typically use reciprocating or rotary mechanisms, such as pistons, plungers, impellers, gears, or fans, to mechanically move the fluid through the system. Mechanical pumps can be submerged or placed external to the fluid they are pumping.

Pumps are commonly utilized throughout the automotive, medical, energy, oil, HVAC, and food industries. They carry a wide range of applications, such as water supply, irrigation, air conditioning, chemical and wastewater movement, refrigeration, HTST pasteurization, and more.

Types of Pumps

There are several different types and classifications of pumps, but two of the most basic types are centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.

Centrifugal pumps are relatively simple in their design and work by using the kinetic energy of a motor to move liquids. They have a high flow rate and mixing potential and are most suitable for low-viscosity products such as water, milk or juice. Centrifugal pumps are quite small compared to other types of pumps and provide more flexibility for industrial or household use.

Positive displacement pumps move fluids by repeatedly enclosing a fixed amount and displacing that trapped volume through the system into the discharge pipe. They can operate at high pressures and at relatively low flows more efficiently than other types of pumps and are most suitable for high-viscosity products such as cottage cheese, peanut butter or sour cream. Positive displacement pumps are typically more complex than other types of pumps, but they are better suited for applications that require high pressure outputs and accurate dosing.

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