5 Advantages of Storage in Vertical Tanks

The larger a storage tank you may need, the more likely it will be a vertical tank. Vertical storage tanks have a large number of advantages, from design to the cost of production and beyond. Horizontal tanks have their place as well, but they have different uses. Horizontal tanks generally have more associated costs and materials in comparison to their vertical storage counterparts. The following list shows some of the advantages of storing in stainless steel vertical tanks.

1. Stress Distribution

The cylindrical vertical storage tank design provides even pressure distribution due to the elimination of stress points found in horizontal and square tanks. This pressure distribution provides greater strength

2. Stability

In designing a vertical tank for the storage of liquids, the base of the cylinder can be placed directly on a solid, flat surface. This provides much better stress distribution than a horizontal tank, which would need special types of support at the bottom and could increase the likelihood of failure.

3. Cost Savings for Material and Construction

The greater the diameter of a stainless steel tank, the thicker its walls need to be in order to withstand the pressure. The fact that vertical storage tanks are generally designed to be greater in height than diameter requires the thickness of the tank walls to be less. Less material needed in the stainless steel tank equals less cost. Only the bottom plate needs to be thicker than the cylindrical walls (this is due to hydrostatic load). A horizontal tank will need an all-around thickness equal to the base plate thickness of a vertical storage tank, losing out on the cost savings advantage.

4. More Efficient

The height of a vertical tank is also an advantage, because they have more potential energy (generates more hydrostatic head) that can reduce pumping cost through the use of gravity.

5. Reduction in Footprint

The space used by a vertical storage tank creates a much smaller footprint, opening up your workspace to more equipment.

Overall, the use of a vertical storage tank is advantageous in terms of design, cost efficiency, the footprint, strength, utility and the hydrostatic load efficiency. These stainless steel storage tanks meet the needs of professionals with design and cost benefits surpassing expectations.

What other advantages do you find in using vertical storage tanks?