Used Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers for Sale

Used Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger Applications

Heat exchangers have one main purpose: to transfer heat between two or more fluids. They are used for both heating and cooling processes, and are commonly utilized in air conditioning, space heating, refrigeration, chemical plants, power stations, sewage treatment, and more. Although the goal is always the same, there are many types of heat exchangers that are composed differently and complete the process in different ways. The variations in design and heat transferring processes means that one type of heat exchanger might be better suited to fit your needs than another.

If you’re in need of a used stainless steel heat exchanger, look no further than Zwirner Equipment Company. We are experts in the industry when it comes to industrial equipment and services. With the wide range of heat exchanger types Zwirner has in stock and knowledgeable equipment experts on hand, we will help you find the right piece of equipment that will best serve your application.

Types of Heat Exchangers for Sale at Zwirner Equipment

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are the most common type of heat exchanger. They consist of a series of tubes enclosed within a cylindrical pressure vessel (called a ‘shell’). One fluid flows through the tubes while another fluid of a different temperature flows through the shell over the tubes, causing a heat transfer between the fluids. Shell and tube heat exchangers have a simple design and are usually easy to service. They are considered an ideal cooling solution in several applications, such as cooling oil and hydraulic fluid in engines.

Double Tube Heat Exchangers are the simplest design of heat exchangers. This type of shell and tube heat exchanger consists of two or more cylindrical pipes/tubes (one larger and one or more smaller). One fluid runs through the smaller tube while another fluid of a varying temperature flows within the larger tube around the smaller tubes, resulting in a transfer of heat. Many consider double pipe heat exchangers as inexpensive in terms of design and maintenance, but they typically have a low efficiency in larger scales – making them a good choice for smaller industries.

Plate Heat Exchangers are constructed of several thin, metal plates that have large surface areas and small fluid flow channels for heat transfer. The fluids spread out across the plates, which assists the heat exchange process and increases the speed of temperature change. Plate heat exchangers typically have lower volume and cost and increased efficiencies compared to other heat exchangers.

Zwirner Equipment also carries many used components of stainless steel heat exchangers, including frames, terminals, flow diversion panels, valves, and much more.

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With decades of experience and industry knowledge, Zwirner Equipment is your single-source solution for stainless steel equipment and services. If you have any questions about reconditioning heat exchangers, Zwirner’s nationwide transportation services, or our available inventory, please give us a call or fill out a form. One of our equipment experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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**All photos of our used heat exchangers are listed as-is, prior to reconditioning**

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