Equipment Reconditioning & Remanufactured Equipment Services

To recondition means to overhaul or renovate a piece of equipment, using new replacement parts to ensure that the equipment meets the specifications of the original manufactured product.

When you purchase a piece of reconditioned equipment from Zwirner Equipment Company, you’re buying equipment that is high quality guaranteed, with a quick delivery timeframe at a fraction of the cost!

equipment reconditioning process

Standard Equipment Reconditioning Procedures & Services

  • Sandblast of exterior painted surfaces
  • Repair or replace any deteriorated steel
  • Pressure test any and all heat exchange surfaces
  • Polishing of stainless steel parts & surfaces as needed
  • Disassembly of mechanicals for inspection
  • New bearings, seals, and replacement of any worn parts
  • Electrical test, leak test & test run sanitary connections as specified by customer
  • Adjustable legs with ball or pad feet
  • New elastomers
  • 2 finished coats of high grade epoxy on tanks
  • Truck loaded

Additional Equipment Reconditioning Options

  • Any modifications needed
  • Quality finish coat on tanks
  • Skidding, crating & boxing
  • Inlet & outlet valves
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical starters or disconnects
  • Any other options per customer request

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