Why Buy A Used Dairy Tank?

There are a lot of industries that use stainless steel tanks: the dairy, food processing, beverage, brewing, and micro brewing industries to name a few. They can be used to store such diverse substances as chemicals, food, water, and even gases. One of the major uses for stainless steel tanks is for storing and processing milk in the dairy industry.

Milk storage tanks and silos are key pieces of equipment for dairies of any size. Insulated tanks and silos are needed for receiving, processing, and storing raw milk, as well as the finished products, before they are packaged or further processed. Effective insulation allows milk, cream, and other dairy products to remain fresh for long periods of time.

Buying new equipment can be too expensive for many business owners. Buying used dairy tanks and other equipment can be an economical alternative for the savvy dairyman.

A properly reconditioned dairy tank can cost substantially less than new equipment and should be almost as good. The reconditioning process can be quite involved. Some of the processes included in proper reconditioning are:

    • Exterior painted surfaces are sandblasted and recoated with epoxy finish
    • Deteriorated steel is repaired or replaced
    • Heat exchange surfaces are pressure tested
    • Mechanical systems are disassembled and inspected
    • Bearings, seals, and worn parts are replaced
    • Electrical systems are tested
    • New elastomers are installed

Choosing a used stainless steel dairy tank can help your bottom line without sacrificing your ability to store and process your products.