Positive Displacement Pumps

Zwirner Equipment offers a large selection of new and reconditioned positive displacement pumps from a number of industrial manufacturers. Positive displacement pumps are most suitable for high viscosity products and have a wide range of applications in many industries.

Stainless Steel Positive Displacement Pumps For Sale

While typically more complex than other types of pumps, positive displacement pumps are able to achieve higher pressures and deliver constant flowrates. PD pumps work differently from centrifugal pumps. They trap a fixed amount of liquid and move it into a discharge pipe with each rotation of the drive. Positive displacement pumps are ideal for products with higher viscosities or suspended solids.

At Zwirner Equipment, we can provide you with a used positive displacement pump that has been reconditioned by our skilled fabricators or a brand new model from a number of top manufacturers. Both our new and used positive displacement pumps come standard with a brand new electric motor and direct drive gearbox carrying a minimum 1 year warranty. Browse our selection of available positive displacement pumps below and submit a quote today for more information.


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