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With over 30 years of industrial knowledge and experience, the experts at Zwirner Equipment can determine the true value of used equipment and facilities to ensure that you get your money’s worth on any transaction.

There is nothing worse than buying used or reconditioned equipment that doesn’t hold up to the demands of everyday use. That’s why Zwirner Equipment Company offers industrial equipment appraisal services for those looking to purchase or sell reconditioned machinery and facilities. We have professionals who will work with you and help determine the true value of the assets to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

With our extensive experience in facility and equipment appraisals for the food and beverage industry, we know exactly what to look for in order to ensure that all of the equipment is in proper, working condition. We are able to execute a complex and integrated appraisal of a facility from the ground up. Each piece of equipment is appraised for both value and quality, so you never have to worry about what you’re buying.

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The experts at Zwirner Equipment have direct experience with purchasing and selling everything from individual pieces of equipment like processing vats and tanks to entire facilities. So no matter what type of industrial equipment you’re in the market to buy or sell, our professionals can help you out. We also offer equipment transportation and installation services!

If you are interested in facility or equipment appraisals, fill out a form today or give us a call to speak to a representative. Our representatives will be happy to assist you!

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