3 Benefits of Epoxy Coatings

  • Reconditioning
  • Stainless Steel Tanks

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Epoxy Coating: What is It?

Epoxy coating is a thick, protective material used to preserve carbon steel tanks from any exterior damage. Epoxy is created by polymerizing a mixture of two compounds, resin and hardener. Once the resin is mixed with a hardening catalyst, the curing process begins. Epoxy coating is not only durable, but also resistant to many corrosive substances. In our next blog post, we will discuss the different forms of resistance that epoxy paints include. Due to the many benefits of epoxy coatings, it is a popular choice for the processing equipment industry. However, Zwirner Equipment Company is the only used equipment manufacturer to offer it as a part of the reconditioning process for no additional charge. Some of the many benefits of epoxy coatings include:
  • Durability. Although Zwirner Equipment uses epoxy coating for carbon steel tanks, it is well known to be used for industrial concrete floors because of its extreme durability. Once epoxy cures, it becomes a hard finished surface. Most equipment manufacturers use a white enamel paint because it is cheaper. With enamel paint, you will have to repaint tanks on a yearly basis due to rust, and that includes tanks that reside indoors. Epoxy paint coatings will last approximately five years, even if the stainless steel tank resides outdoors. To learn more about weather resistance, tune in to our next blog post!

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  • Non-Toxic. Do you love the earth? We do too! Not only is it the most durable, but epoxy coating is also an environmentally friendly choice. Due to epoxy’s high cohesion, fumes will not erode or dissolve into the environment including your air or traces of water. Additionally, recoating less frequently results in less chemicals being used overall.
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  • Cleanliness. Similar to other smooth surfaces, epoxy is very easy to keep clean. Most materials wash off easily and the hardness of the material makes permanent stains unlikely. We work with many food-related industries and it is critical for them to have the ability to keep their processing plant clean.
There are many reasons why manufacturers and business owners choose epoxy coating for so many different applications. If your tanks are currently coated with enamel, you should consider the benefits above. For more information on getting your stainless steel tanks coated with epoxy, call us at 855.339.5855 or fill out a form. Don’t forget to stay tuned for our next blog post where we will discuss the numerous types of corrosion that epoxy coating can and will resist!
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