How to Make Your Food Processing Eco-Friendly

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There’s never been a time where consumers are more knowledgeable about food and what they’re putting into their bodies. Environmentally friendly food manufacturing has gone from simply an option, to the dominating preference of consumers. Food manufacturers need to start eco-friendly processing practices if they want to stay competitive. These days, many food manufacturers are learning that sustainability isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a real consumer preference that can impact your bottom line! Stainless steel tanks in a food processing plant. Despite knowing all this, the question remains: How can you make your food processing eco-friendly? Below you’ll discover the ways you can implement environmentally friendly food manufacturing and the benefits that come along with them.

Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Food Processing

Did you know that many food manufacturers don’t conduct an annual energy audit? Energy is like any other raw material that goes into your production process. Unfortunately, it’s rarely thought of that way. Outdated equipment, leaks and bad processes are some of the biggest ways for manufacturers waste energy. Having a good grasp on energy consumption is a must for eco-friendly food processing. It’s good for the environment and your bottom line. There are energy audit companies that can help you measure and reduce your energy usage. Imagine the benefit of meeting consumer preferences and reducing your production costs. It’s an example of how environmentally friendly food manufacturing isn’t a trend, but a better way of doing business. Maximize your efficiency and brand image by planning an annual energy audit.

Lower the Risk of Bacteria Buildup

We’ve all heard about companies that had to announce recalls of contaminated products. As your equipment gets used, there is a natural buildup of bacteria that occurs. Using more natural ingredients instead of chemicals can help prevent this buildup of bacteria and lessen the risk of contamination. Another option is to invest in stainless steel processing equipment. Stainless steel is easier to clean and is more resistant to bacteria buildup because of its finish.

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Having the right equipment can cause a snowball effect of eco-friendly food processing. For example, a stainless-steel tank requires less cleaning, which means conserving more water. It also will reduce your need to use cleaning chemicals. With eco-friendly food processing, one change can have a big effect on your environmental footprint. This process helps you offer healthier products to consumers and gain more trust.

Get the Most Out of Recycling

For consumers, recycling is mostly out of good will, but they have come to expect the same dedication out of the manufacturers that make the products they buy. And beyond just consumer expectation and being more environmentally-friendly, recycling can actually help manufactures save money. Start by creating a recycle program where plastic, cardboard, scrap metal, food waste and industrial waste can all be recycled and repurposed. This eco-friendly food processing tactic can lead to your plant saving extra revenue. It also gives your plant the opportunity to take a hard look at the amount of materials it uses and device a strategy for reducing that amount.

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While this isn’t an all-inclusive list, it helps answer the question of how to make food processing eco-friendly. These tips can help ensure that your manufacturing plant can capitalize on the benefits of keeping the environment top of mind. If you are interested in high-quality stainless-steel food manufacturing equipment, Zwirner has over 30 years of experience and knowledge. Call us today so our experts can find a custom-tailored solution for your specific needs. Learn more about our stainless steel used food processing equipment and request a quote online today. Phone IconCall Today
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