5 Food Processing Trends Expected in 2020

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Apples on a conveyor belt in a food processing plant Food processing plants have experienced their fair share of change over the last decade. Manufacturers in this industry have to adapt on a moment’s notice to consumer demand. After all, that’s part of what keeps food processing so exciting. As we approach the end of 2019, there’s a whole new set of food processing trends on the horizon. Given the speed of the industry, it can be challenging for food processing manufacturers to keep up. Whether it’s a passing fad or an industry game changer, it’s crucial for food processing plants to be aware of any trend. But there’s no need to worry about being out of loop. In this post, we’re going to shed some light on the top five food industry trends of 2020. So, if you want your business to be more competitive next year, keep reading!

1. The Mindful Customer

There’s no question that consumers are becoming more mindful about how their food is made. This habit has already started, but expect for it to pick up in 2020. Food processing manufacturers should start looking into how they can make their process more transparent for customers. It’s never been more important for food processing manufacturers to develop trust with their customers, so let them peak behind the curtain a bit to give them greater peace of mind and grow their trust in your brand.

2. Food Safety is Key

Consumers what to know more than ever before how their food is grown, processed and even the origin of the ingredients. Food safety is primed to become a higher priority for consumers next year. What does that mean for food processing plants? You’ll want to consider the following:
  • Manufacturers should focus on internal quality control
  • Look into using fewer additives in products
  • Do more to ensure the quality of raw materials

3. Plant Efficiency

Lowering overhead will be a key focus in 2020.  As the cost of raw materials is set to increase next year, plant efficiency will become more important. Food processing plants should look for ways to lower their water consumption and food waste. These two factors are often low-hanging fruit that manufacturers can change for an immediate impact.

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4. Consumers Will Push for More Diverse Products

Chances are the last time you went to the grocery store you saw a food product with a strange new flavor. That’s because consumer tastes are pushing food processing plants for more diverse products. To account for these exotic and premium products, manufacturers should look for efficiencies that can be applied across the SKU they offer. The product differentiation of this trend can also help with brand recognition and sales.

5. Changes with Sugar

Every year there seems to be more studies about the negative impact sugar has on your health, which means consumers are starting to shift their preferences on sugar. It’s predicted that one of the biggest food industry trends in 2020 will be lowering the amount of sugar in products. In fact, the government is already setting up this shift. The FDA has stated that effective on January 1st, 2020, food processing plants will have to have a new label that tells consumers the amount of added sugar in their product.

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