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What is reconditioning? If you have asked this question before, you have probably gotten different answers. Here at Zwirner Equipment, we provide an extensive and diligent reconditioning process. Our reconditioning process goes beyond a new coat of paint. We also have tailored our process based on the type of equipment we are reconditioning. In this blog post, we are going to explain how we recondition storage tanks, processing tanks and single shell tanks. Processing Tank

When you purchase a reconditioned stainless steel tank from Zwirner Equipment, it includes the following services:

1. Pressure Testing of the Heat Transfer Service: The heat transfer surface is used for heating or cooling. It is important to ensure that the pressurized jacket does not leak because leaking can cause improper heating or cooling of your product. Therefore, we conduct an initial pressure test to ensure there are no leaks in the jacket (Not applicable to Single Shell tanks). 2. Stripping & Painting of Painted Surfaces: If there are any painted surfaces, we will strip off the old paint, sand (if applicable), clean the surface, and repaint. Processing tanks generally have a stainless steel exterior, whereas storage tanks typically have a painted exterior. 3. Complete Tear Down & Repair or Replacement of the Agitator: The agitator keeps the product moving. If you are heating or cooling your product, it must stay in motion to prevent hot or cold spots. We begin repairing the agitator by removing the unit and gearboxes and electrically testing them. We replace the bearings and seals and assemble it back together. We then conduct a bench test run, which is a test before it is installed on the processing tank. Once it passes the bench test, we strip, paint and reinstall the unit on the processing tank or storage tank. We will conduct a final test run once it is installed and full of product to ensure the gearbox and motor can handle the torque of a product. 4. Elastomer, Gasket & Seal Replacement: Over time, rubber deteriorates, causing gaskets to leak. If the Output Shaft Seal goes bad, oil will start leaking out and running down the shaft causing oil to contaminate product. It is critical to replace these to ensure sanitization.

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5. Polishing of Stainless Steel Surfaces: If a used stainless steel tank has any scratches, dings or dents, we will polish and smoothen the stainless steel. If a processing vessel is all stainless steel and comes in with significant dents or dings, we will replace the exterior stainless skin. 6. Rebuilding the Outlet Valve: The outlet valve opens and closes the tank for drainage purposes. Rebuilding the valve will ensure no leaks. 7. Adjustable Legs: All of our processing tanks, single shell tanks and storage tanks will come with a ball foot or a pad foot. Pad foot is often used to put on load cells, which measures how much product is in the processing tank based on weight. Ball foot is commonly used due to the ease of cleanliness because there is very little material touching the floor. We always ensure that the legs are adjustable by hand to accommodate uneven flooring. 8. Leak Testing and Functionality Testing: We conduct a final test to ensure that it does not leak and operates the way it is supposed to. 9. Final Pressure Testing of the Heat Transfer Surface: The vessel is pressure tested when it first arrives but we also pressure test after we have gone through reconditioning. This two-step testing process helps ensure the proper heating or cooling of your product. 10. Shipment Preparation: We wrap the processing tank with plastic to protect surfaces during shipment. For an additional charge, we can add a skid and/or crate. 11. Load on Truck: Finally, we’ll physically load your stainless steel tank onto a truck at no additional charge – this is included in the reconditioning process. When reconditioning a storage tank, processing tank or single shell tank, we can tailor our process to your needs. When a tank leaves our facility, our reconditioning process ensures that the stainless steel tank will be fully functional and operate properly. Stay tuned to learn more about our reconditioning process for other types of equipment. For more information, contact Zwirner Equipment to request a quote or give us a call today. Phone IconCall Today
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