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A food manufacturing line produces snacks. From pretzels to chips and nuts, there doesn’t seem to be an end to snack food options available for consumers to purchase and enjoy. After all, everyone is guilty of enjoying their favorite snack in-between meals. And as a food processor, you may have been tempted to get into the snack food business once or twice. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time a year or two ago. But with the recent rise in demand, this might be the perfect time to consider diving into the market. Let’s explore the top reasons why your business should consider snack food production.

Why Should Your Business Consider Producing Snack Food?

A Rise in Snack Food Demand

There has been a sharp increase in the demand for snack food across the country due to the social distancing and quarantine effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Snack food sales have seen a staggering 8 percent increase in 2020 so far. This means that there’s more opportunity for your business to get involved in the industry. Snack food sales have a good chance of increasing through the rest of the year. Plus, if you start a snack food line now, you can build brand awareness while sales are high.

Decreased Packaging Concerns

One of the biggest challenges for businesses looking to get into the snack food industry is how the product is packaged. Over the last few years, there’s been high demand for portable snack food packaging. Consumers enjoy the convenience it brings, but for manufacturers, portable packaging is more expensive to make. This has made it difficult for new snack food producers to compete with established brands.

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But the preference for portable packaging has faded away. COVID-19 has people going out far less than they used to, allowing traditional packaging for snack foods to make a comeback. This current trend cuts one of the highest cost barriers for new snack food producers. Your business could use traditional packaging as a way to keep costs down for when you break into the market. If portable packaging returns, your business will have an established foundation to build on and make adjustments in the future.

Cost-Effective Food Processing Equipment

If your business had ever thought about producing snack foods, equipment was likely one of your top considerations. The cost of new equipment is enough to make businesses walk away from the prospect. But companies like Zwirner Equipment can offer your business used stainless-steel equipment. With reconditioned stainless-steel equipment, you can get the snack food equipment you need without breaking your budget. If equipment needs have been holding your business back, used stainless-steel equipment could be the solution you’re looking for.

Zwirner Equipment is Here to Help Your Snack Food Business

If you’re looking to dive into the snack food industry, the experts at Zwirner Equipment are here to support you. We have a wide variety of stainless-steel food processing equipment for your business to explore. Thanks to our reconditioning process, we offer used stainless-steel equipment that’s perfect for your business and budget. With over 30 years of industrial experience, we overhaul every piece of equipment until it meets the specifications of the original manufactured product. Investing in reconditioned food processing equipment is a great way to get your snack food business started. If your business is in the market for food processing equipment, we can help. Contact our professional team today or take a look at our current inventory to get started. Phone IconCall Today
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