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A homogenizer, such as a milk homogenizer, is a machine that forces solids through a small opening under pressure in order to make the product smoother textured and of uniformed consistency throughout. This is done by breaking up the solids, especially the fat, into smaller units than their natural state. Milk homogenizers are very common pieces of equipment for the average dairy operation and are great for both small scale and large scale dairy producers.

Due to the long lifespan and high efficiency, a used homogenizer can be a great investment. Zwirner Equipment Company offers milk homogenizers for sale that have been fully reconditioned and tailored for your application. Our experts can help you determine what size and configuration you will need when choosing your used homogenizer.

**All photos of used homogenizers are listed as-is, prior to reconditioning. To learn more, visit this page about our comprehensive reconditioning procedures and services**

Available Homogenizers For Sale

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