5 Key Advantages of Horizontal Steel Storage Tanks

Steel tanks aren’t one-size-fits-all. Oftentimes, this means having to spend time researching tanks to determine what shape and size is right for your storage and transportation needs. While a vertical tank may make sense in some situations, there are other circumstances where a horizontal stainless steel storage tank wins out. Let’s take a look at some of the prime advantages of a horizontal storage tank.

Horizontal steel storage tanks sitting on the first floor of a factory.

Horizontal steel storage tanks offer many advantages, including being more efficient and more affordable to transport.

1. Easy Mobility and Transportation

Horizontal tanks are often used within the agricultural and beverage industries because they are best suited for storing liquids like water and chemicals. Thanks to their shape, horizontal steel storage tanks are much easier to transport and move than vertical tanks. This easy mobility makes horizontal tanks very appealing for those who need to house or transport liquids on a regular basis.

2. Height is No Longer a Factor

If you’re facing height restrictions in your plant, factory, or vehicle, a vertical tank may cause more trouble than it’s worth. This is when a horizontal storage tank can come in handy. It more easily fits where you need it to and removes the frustrations of dealing with a tank that’s several inches too tall.

3. Temperature Control

Temperature is an important factor to consider if you’re in the dairy, wine, brewery, and beverage processing industries. Thanks to the shape and orientation, horizontal tanks are faster and more efficient in heating and cooling liquids and maintaining the desired temperature during storage and transportation.

4. Less Personnel Needed

Thanks to their shape and the fact that they’re easier to transport from one place to the next, horizontal tanks require less personnel to handle them. This allows you and your team to focus more of your time on other priority tasks and projects.

5. Efficient and Cost Effective

Horizontal tanks have more surface area coverage, which means they can move products more efficiently than vertical tanks can. On top of that, vertical tanks tend to have lower transportation costs and can more easily add vertical agitation, making them more cost effective.

Zwirner Equipment Provides Horizontal Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

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