Improving Food Processing Efficiency with a Facility Assessment

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Two inspectors conduct a food processing facility assessment. Whether your food processing plant is old or brand new, investing in a facility assessment could offer many benefits, including improving food processing efficiency, reducing operating costs, boosting ROI and more. In this post we’ll answer three common questions about food processing facility assessments. 1. What is a food processing facility assessment? 2. How can a facility assessment of my food or beverage plant help my bottom line? 3. How do I get started with a food processing facility assessment?

Question: What is a Food Processing Facility Assessment?

Answer: In simple terms, a food processing facility assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your food or beverage plant that assesses the overall production efficiency of your operation. Through a food processing facility assessment, you could uncover many opportunities—not only to cut costs and enhance efficiency—but also improve plant safety and reduce product contamination risk.

Question: How Can a Facility Assessment of My Food or Beverage Plant Help My Bottom Line?

Answer: According to Gerry Gomolka, VP of business development for Stellar, food production facility assessments can help your bottom line in the following ways:
  • Increasing ROI by identifying the equipment and optimizations that could drive long-term gains for your food production plant.
  • Reducing costs by uncovering hard-to-find inefficiencies that create bottle-necks and slow down production.
  • Ensuring your food processing facility maintains or exceeds the minimum requirements set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Food and Drug Administration and others.
  • Increasing productivity by identifying new opportunities to streamline processes.

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Question: How do I Get Started with a Food Processing Facility Assessment?

Answer: Before you begin searching for a third-party partner to conduct your food processing facility assessment, we recommend that you start by informing your staff. It’s common for employees to get the wrong idea about why you’re seeking a facility assessment. Reassure your team that your goal is not to evaluate individual performance, but to find large-scale opportunities to enhance productivity across the entire plant.

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