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What is Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Pasteurization?

An assortment of dairy products, some of which have undergone UHT pasteurization.

UHT pasteurization, sometimes referred to as ultra-pasteurization, is a process in which milk or other dairy products are heated to 280 degrees Fahrenheit for a brief time—just two seconds—and then quickly cooled back down.

In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of UHT pasteurization in comparison to high temperature short time (HTST) pasteurization.

Benefits of UHT Pasteurization

  1. UHT-Pasteurized Products Last Longer: UHT pasteurization extends a product’s shelf-life by months, making it an extremely cost-effective option.
  2. UHT-Pasteurized Products Contain Less Bacteria: The high heat required during UHT pasteurization results in milk that is up to 99.9% bacteria-free.

Disadvantages of UHT Pasteurization

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of UHT pasteurization is its effect on the taste of milk. Many people agree that UHT-pasteurized milk exhibits an overly cooked, burnt taste. On the other hand, UHT pasteurization can be ideal for flavor-forward products like fruit juice, cheese sauce and yogurt because sweeteners, salt and other ingredients may help to mask the burnt taste.… Read more

3 Trends to Watch in the Food & Beverage Industry in 2018

Family shops for groceries looking for natural and organic products that are clearly labeled as GMO or non-GMO, Fair-Trade Certified is a bonus, but not required.

Food and beverage manufacturers need to keep up with changing industry trends to stay competitive in 2018 and beyond. Here are three big trends in the food and beverage industry to pay attention to this year:

  1. Continued shift toward natural ingredients away from artificial additives and dyes
  2. Emphasis on non-dairy and dairy alternatives
  3. Increasing consumer demand for GMO transparency

Ready to learn more about these food and beverage manufacturing trends? Pull up a chair.

2018 Trends in the Food and Beverage Industry

1. All Natural, All the Time

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, one of the biggest trends in the food and beverage industry is consumer demand for all-natural and organic food and beverages. In fact, this trend continues to show double-digit growth. The shift toward organic and all-natural food begins on the farm and extends down the line to processing and packaging. For food and beverage manufacturers, that means aligning your processing facility to support the organic food movement.… Read more

How to Increase Dairy Production: 3 Surprising Tips

Dairy farmer stands in front of his cows and uses a tablet to record milk production data

A cow that is milking can eat about 100 pounds of feed each day. That adds up. So, if you run a dairy farm, you obviously want to get as much milk as possible out of your feed costs. In this post, we’ll share three tips for helping your dairy cows meet or exceed the production average of six-to-seven gallons of milk per day.

1. Cows that Rest Longer Produce More Milk

Believe it or not, even a small increase in the amount of time your cows spend lying down can have a big impact on dairy production. Why? Well, it all comes down to blood flow to the cow’s udder. Simply put, when a cow lies down, blood flow is 25-30% faster, according to some estimates. Even just one extra hour of down time per day can make a real difference in your milk tank.

2. Dairy Cows Love a Predictable Routine

Humans are creatures of habit.… Read more

Our Point of View on Customer Service

Great customer service is what Zwirner Equipment strives for each and every day. Now we know that no company is perfect, but we certainly try very hard to be.

“Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin

We aim to treat every customer with the utmost importance and respect, no matter how much you spend or who you are. If you have a breakdown, we will get you back up in running in no time. Never done business with us? Not a problem, we will still take care of you! With our quick turnaround time and timely communication practices, working with ZEC is a satisfaction guaranteed choice.

How Is Our Turnaround Time Quicker?

Breakdowns, huge orders, and hard-to-find parts – we have heard (and helped) it all. Anything that can potentially slow down, or stop production is not good for a company. That is why we have made it our priority to minimize the time and costs associated with these issues.… Read more

Did You Know – Processing Vats and Tanks Are For More Than Just Dairy

When most people think of processing vats and tanks they typically think of beer, and cheese and other dairy products. But did you know that there are numerous industries that use these same vats and stainless steel tanks in the processing and manufacturing of their products. The graphic below shows some of the everyday items common to most households. How many have you used today?

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