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3 Reasons to Invest in Used Stainless Steel Tanks for Your Brewery

There’s no doubt that we live in the golden age of breweries. Small to large breweries continue to open up all across the country to cater to millions of beer drinkers looking for their next favorite brand. Given how popular breweries are, it might be surprising that two of the biggest challenges are capital and keeping up with growing demand.

Luckily, there is a solution for both those hurdles that involves brewery equipment. Used stainless steel brewery tanks – when bought from the right provider – can help businesses save money and keep up with demand.

When considering any reconditioned brewery equipment, there may be some hesitance based on the preconceived notions around used equipment. Below you’ll discover the top 3 reasons why used stainless steel brewery tanks are not only worth investing in but can also help you save money and keep up with demand.

1. Purchase Brewery Equipment at a Lower Cost

Why Invest in Used Brewery Equipment

Here are the top three reasons why you should invest in used brewery equipment.

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Boost Your Spirits with 3 Tips for Craft Distilling

Samples of craft whiskey produced using used distillery equipment.

Move over Kentucky, Tennessee officially has its own whiskey trail. With 39 craft distilleries in Tennessee (and counting), the state’s spirit industry is experiencing a craft-beer-like boom. And, it’s not just in Tennessee, either. Craft whiskey, vodka, rum and other spirits are quickly converting beer snobs and gobbling up market share across the country.

So, if you’re thinking about launching a new craft spirit distillery, you’ve picked a great time to start. You’ve also clicked on a great piece of content that could help you get your new venture up and running (no pun intended) faster and more affordably.

Craft Distillery Tip #1: Make Sure Your First Run Goes the Distance

By the time you’re ready to fill your first barrels, you’ve already got a great deal of time and money invested in your new business. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to rush a young whiskey to market. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and if your product isn’t ready for the spotlight, customers won’t soon forget.… Read more

Starting a Brewery? Watch Out for These Common Brewery Mistakes.

Craft brewer in his production brewery having successfully avoided common brewery mistakes

Guess how many breweries and brewpubs are currently active in Tennessee alone? Go ahead, guess. The answer? There are 76 of ‘em. That’s almost one craft brewery for each of Tennessee’s 96 counties. Heck, in 2016 alone, at least 11 microbreweries opened their doors in our state. So, to say there is a craft beer “boom” is an understatement. In fact, if you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you’re among the entrepreneurs and beer enthusiasts contributing to Tennessee’s amazing craft beer scene.

If so, it could be worth your while to spend a minute or two reviewing some of the most common brewery mistakes that may prevent new breweries from reaching their full potential.

Three Mistakes to Avoid for New Breweries

Brewery Mistake #1: Not Protecting Your Personal Assets

When you’re first starting a brewery, we’re sure you have the intent of making a name for yourself and your brand.… Read more

Save Time & Money with Reconditioned Heat Exchangers

Checking for quality at a microbrewery, which is one product category that relies on heat exchangers.

When you need to replace a heat exchanger or add an additional unit to your line, time is of the essence. Buying a brand new heat exchanger is one option, but depending on your situation, it may not be the best choice. A reconditioned heat exchanger could save you some money, and it could also be up and running faster.

Of course, with so much riding on your production line, you want to make sure you’re getting a quality piece of equipment. In this post, we’ll show you what to look for and what questions to ask when choosing a reconditioned heat exchanger.

What does a High Quality Reconditioned Heat Exchanger Look Like?

Believe it or not, our reconditioned heat exchangers look a heck of a lot like brand-new heat exchangers. That’s because we outfit them with new plate packs purchased direct from the manufacturer. Then, we install the plates on a used frame that has been completely restored to its original factory specifications.… Read more

What You Need To Start Your Own Brewery

There is a dream that many have shared: to be able to make their own beer and learn the art of producing their own special brew.

This is something that can be done on a small scale in your home for under $100. But what if you create a brew that you think can go all the way to the top? Unfortunately, there is a lot more than just hops, barley and malt that goes into starting a brewery.

Starting the Business

Once you have your brew recipe secured, you will want to go through the process of creating a business to run your brewery under. You will need to choose a name that has not been used by any other brewery and then go through all of the legalities and paperwork required in starting a brewing company (which is more than you might realize). Ensure that you are fully aware of the local laws, regulations and ordinances for alcohol production.… Read more